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The chexfan/geo1004

Survivor2 Challenge


The Challenge: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast… whatever! Each person will submit the name of 4 castaways of Survivor2: The Australian Outback who they believe will survive the longest.

Who Will Win: Since The Challenge is starting with the second episode a scoring system has been developed to determine a winner.

The show’s second castaway who will be voted off during the 2/1 episode would earn 1 point. The third castaway on 2/8 would earn 2 points. This pattern will continue on until the final $1 million Survivor wins, earning 15 points in The chexfan/geo1004 Survivor2 Challenge. The winner of The Challenge will be the participant who has the highest total number of points. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the one who’s best Survivor goes the furthest.

Who Has Who:


(Michael, Jerri, Nick, Colby)


(Mitchell, Maralyn, Amber, Colby)

The Bet: It is a fairly simple wager at stake. The loser of the bet will buy a pint for the winner. Originally slated to occur at the Museum Tavern in London. It now appears that the bet will be paid of somewhere on mainland Europe most likely in Amsterdam


Score as of 12pm EST 2/11:

With chexfan's loss of Maralyn AND Mitchell, geo1004 has pretty much secured a victory..

geo1004: 20, with 4 contestants remaining

chexfan: 17, with 2 contestants remaining



"Just for that, after you buy the first pint… I’ll buy the next round" geo1004 2/1

"I will feel bad after your 3 are ALL out before my first one is." chexfan 2/1