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The chexfan/geo1004

Survivor2 Challenge


The Challenge: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast… whatever! Each person will submit the name of 4 castaways of Survivor2: The Australian Outback who they believe will survive the longest.

Who Will Win: Since The Challenge is starting with the second episode a scoring system has been developed to determine a winner.

The show’s second castaway who will be voted off during the 2/1 episode would earn 1 point. The third castaway on 2/8 would earn 2 points. This pattern will continue on until the final $1 million Survivor wins, earning 15 points in The chexfan/geo1004 Survivor2 Challenge. The winner of The Challenge will be the participant who has the highest total number of points. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the one who’s best Survivor goes the furthest.

Who Has Who:


(Michael, Jerri, Nick, Colby)


(Mitchell, Maralyn, Amber, Colby)

The Bet: It is a fairly simple wager at stake. The loser of the bet will buy a pint for the winner… at the Museum Tavern in London.


Score as of 12pm EST 2/11:

With chexfan's loss of Maralyn, geo1004 takes the lead!

geo1004: 8, with 4 contestants remaining

chexfan: 8, with 3 contestants remaining



"Just for that, after you buy the first pint… I’ll buy the next round" geo1004 2/1

"I will feel bad after your 3 are ALL out before my first one is." chexfan 2/1