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London FlyerTalk Do

November 8 & 9, 2003



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Museums and Shopping
There is an exhibion of Titanic artifacts, and another on the Lord of the Rings films. There is the Pub Quiz to end all Pub Quizzes which may be of particular interest to supporters of the local team at the Dog and Duck. Roy and I are going on the morning of the 8th as long as I can get tickets.

For those who may be interested the following I can recommend if you are into Burberry or Versace and a lot more.
There are trains from Liverpool Street and if you are Christmas Shopping it is a huge saving on main shop prices. For example, I bought a Burberry cashmere scarf last year for 35 (not seconds). The regular price was three times that at the "Duty Free" in Terminal 1 LHR.

Again this may be of interest for Sunday morning people if anyone is in a fit state...

I explored there recently and they had "Louis Vuiton" etc at market prices. They are as genuine as a politician's promise, but I am sure that your wallet will not complain. Beware there is a lot of tat, and watch that your wallet stays with you. No billfolds in backpockets in London! At least not unless you do want to see them go.

You probably know all these things already, but for those who don't I hope this is of use. -Paul Palmer